Monday Morning Sunrise: Where’d You Go, Bernadette – Wedgwood Park

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Our final Monday and book of January 2019!

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple is a witty, hilarious, and fun book. The quirky and brilliant storytelling style is one of the many highlights of this book. The story unravels through different documents and correspondence. E-mails between various characters, magazine articles, invoices, and more give insight to each of the characters. The story also has occasional narration from Bernadette’s daughter Bee.

Semple creates an enjoyable story examining family life while also providing the crucial elements of a mystery and the excitement of an adventure. At the heart of the story is the relationship between a daughter and her mother. Bee is an eighth-grader and has earned a special prize for her perfect grades. She chooses a family trip to Antarctica. Bernadette immediately has concerns as she has built a life that allows her to avoid interaction with people and does not require her to leave the house nearly at all.

Monday Morning Sunrise © Fort Worth Reader 2019

Monday Morning Sunrise © Fort Worth Reader 2019


Wedgwood Park is a neighborhood park established in 1955 with 6.6 acres. The park neighbors Bruce Shulkey Elementary School and Wedgwood Baptist Church south of I-20 and east of Granbury Road. On the grounds is a large pavilion with several picnic tables. Additional picnic tables and benches are along the trail and around the playground. A relaxing and pleasant park with a great view of the sunrise that allows an enjoyable reading experience.

Monday Morning Sunrise © Fort Worth Reader 2019


Bee is a child of parents with exceptional intellect. As Bee narrates portions of the story, we quickly realize that she also possesses great intelligence. Her understanding of who her parents are is the key for Bee, especially with her mom, Bernadette. Bee was born with a heart defect and had to have several surgeries during the first five years of her life. The opportunity to witness her parents during these stressful and challenging years taught her valuable insight into her mother.

Here’s something about Mom: she’s bad with annoyances, but great in a crisis. If a waiter doesn’t refill her water after she’s asked three times, or she forgets her dark glasses when the sun comes out, look out! But when it comes to something truly bad happening, Mom plugs into this supreme calm. I think she got it from all those years half living at Children’s because of me. I’m just saying, when things are bad, there’s nobody better to have in your corner than Mom.

Our families are often the people we know most intimately in our life. We get to see each other at our most vulnerable and resilient as we embark on our journeys through life. Relationships with our parents go through many phases. When we are home with our parents during childhood, they can bring us such joy as we learn about the world with their guidance. As we grow through our teenage and adult years, we gradually begin to see our parents through different and hopefully more mature lenses. We notice the complexities of life and the faults and strengths our parents possess. Being a parent is difficult and can feel like a stress marathon. If we are lucky, we will maintain both love and understanding for our own unique, quirky and devoted family.

Enjoy a great book Fort Worth as we enjoy the last week of January 2019!

Monday Morning Sunrise © Fort Worth Reader 2019

Monday Morning Sunrise © Fort Worth Reader 2019

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