About Fort Worth Reader

Welcome to Fort Worth Reader. We are excited to have you here! Our mission is to build a community to Experience and Share the Love for Reading!

Reading is a passion for some and a chore for others. For many, reading is confined to inside the home (an enjoyable place to get some reading done). To help excite readers we want to encourage Fort Worth to get out and read. The benefits of reading last a lifetime and we want everybody to experience it.

The idea for the site started when a question was asked, “Where are some good places to read?” People quickly provided limited options — libraries and bookstores (which we love and will highlight on our website). We believe reading can take place anywhere and look forward to introducing you to new and interesting locations.

Our site will start off focusing on two books and four locations weekly during different times of the day.


We have big plans with content and experiences for Fort Worth Readers. We are glad you are here and hope you start your own reading adventure!

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